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About the story

  • One day, an unlit candle wandered off into the forest to dream, pray and meditate on what could be. He pondered the possibility of a different kingdom, one where the light of hope would prevail, and the light of love would be constant. The Story of the Little Candle is an easy to follow tale that can help children face challenges in a positive manner, and empower them to overcome difficulties. Children will easily identify with the main character, who finds his light from within, defeats the dark king, and illuminates the entire kingdom. This powerful story can inspire kids to address issues such as bullying, self-image, social skills and learning challenges, while encouraging reading, creativity and visioning skills.

About the author

  • Inshan Meahjohn is an inspirational author and Ph.D. candidate. One of Inshan’s main aspirations in life is improving the human condition. All of his jobs, business interests, non-profit work, and national duty are in an effort to achieve this goal. As a husband and father of four, Inshan recognises the importance of fostering the imagination and positive nature of children whilst instilling constructive values. When he is not working or spending time with his family, Inshan enjoys reading, writing inspirational messages and mentoring the youth.